RETIRED POLICE BANNER - Hi-Viz Green - Pocket Option
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High Viz RETIRED Police Banner with Pocket Deployment Option

On July 22, 2004 President Bush signed the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act (LEOSA) into law… formerly known as HR218. Then again on Oct. 12, 2010 President Obama signed S1132 which was titled the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Improvement Act which became Public Law 110-272

These laws give current law enforcement officers, LEOSA qualified members and honorary law enforcement retirees the ability to carry concealed firearms in all 50 states.

LEOSA also gave certain members of the law enforcement & military communities the ability to carry a concealed weapon, these members may not have specific police powers so the police or sheriff safety banners weren't the best suited titles for them. LEOSA was found to be the most appropriate title for those qualified members.

Another reoccurring concern from several retired officers was the possibility of being targeted for an impersonating charge in certain jurisdictions,after the critical incident was over. The retired officers began asking for a retired version of the DSM Safety “POLICE” safety banner/Critical Incident Identification System eliminating concern with any issues of misrepresentation.

*** DSM Safety Products LLC policy: The DSM Safety Banner will only be shipped to qualifying Law Enforcement and Security Personnel agencies.

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RETIRED POLICE BANNER - Hi-Viz Green - Pocket Option

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